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High Security Easy Fit Glazing Bead


The eZee Fit Glazing Bead offers speedy installation and great security all in one neat package.

The redesigned Bead has no need for security clips in the window. Instead, the team created a new, innovative longer leg to easily locate into the bead pocket which helps reduce installation time & cost.

The eZee Bead passes and exceeds the enhanced security accreditation (PAS24) and Secured by Design even without the use of the security clips. These enhanced security credentials makes the eZee Bead one of the most secure beads on the market today, improving the security and peace of mind for your customers.

The feedback to the redesigned bead has been overwhelmingly positive, with the product proving to be significantly easier to fit, reducing time on site and improving productivity.


Easy Fit Glazing Bead


Features & Benefits


The new eZee Fit Glazing Bead not only speeds up installation thanks to how easy it is to fit, but it also offers a number of other tangible benefit, including:

  • Enhanced Security Performance PAS24 and Secured by Design 
  • Save money by not having to use glass clips
  • Installer friendly
  • Beads tighter in frames so no gaps in corners delivering a perfect fit 
  • Chamfered front leg glides easily into bead pocket


  Download the eZee Bead Technical Bulletin



Colour Options

The Duraflex Diamond Suite is available in an extensive range of foil finishes, from our authentic woodgrain effects such as Rosewood and Irish Oak, to contemporary solid colour finishes such as the popular Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green; all designed to satisfy the most discerning homeowner. All available ex-stock and from a 5 day lead time for speciality foil finishes.





Anthracite Smooth

Irish Oak

Golden Oak

Slate Grey Smooth


Black Brown

Anthracite Grey

Light Grey


Agate Grey






"A proven partner to the UK's leading fabricators; proudly supplying retail, trade, commercial and new build markets for over 60 years."