Energy Ratings & U Values

Thermal Calculations and Product Performance

Energy Ratings & U Values

An introduction to Window Energy Ratings (WER)

The Government has set itself a specific target of ensuring all new homes built after 2016 are zero carbon and owners of existing properties are encouraged and supported in improving the energy efficiency of their dwellings. This is in addition to the general requirement of an overall carbon emission reduction as set out by the Kyoto agreement.

To highlight this topic and enable a system which is both an independent source of information and also easy to understand, the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) together with CERTASS and BSI have introduced a performance label (WER - Window Energy Rating) clearly defining the energy efficiency of windows from any manufacturer. Windows are scored on a scale of A – G, with an ‘A’ rated product being more energy efficient than one which is G rated. This allows individuals to quickly and easily choose the windows most suitable for their needs. Changes to the Building Regulations in October 2010 require any replacement domestic window to achieve a minimum rating of ‘C’.

Thermal calculations and energy performance

In line with governments desire to reduce CO² emissions, building regulations require tightening of building thermal efficiency including windows and doors. The Duraflex Diamond suite is able to attain the highest Window Energy rating (WER) available currently for replacement windows, achieve ‘New Build’ ‘U’ value desires and where appropriate can exceed door ‘U’ value requirements.

Duraflex's highly experienced Technical Support Team includes an in-house BFRC Approved Simulator, dedicated to supporting customers with their respective thermal caluclation requirements.