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Hybrid Decking

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Decking that is safe, durable and carefree

The Hybrid decking board by Duraflex is no ordinary deck board. Made from a special mix of PVC and wood, you get the best of both materials with their unique properties rolled into one single base material. The low maintenance and durability of the PVC and the appearance and strength of wood.

Hybrid - the best of both worlds

Our revolutionary new composite decking product is a result of three years intense research and development at our in-house testing facility. During this intensive research we were unable to find a re-cycled material with the consistent product quality we were looking for, so we made the decision to work exclusively with virgin polymers, combined with wood from sustainable sources.

The result is a decking product of high quality, which exhibits excellent slip resistant properties (tested against the Health & Safety Executive’s grading system), as well as excellent resistance to organic growth matter making Hybrid an extremely resilient and low maintenance option, combined with stunning designer looks and cutting edge technology construction.

Our Colour Range

Hybrid is available in a range of natural colours, so you can give your creative thoughts free rein and combined with an option for an attractive ribbed and brushed finish as well as a range of colours to suit your particular application.

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